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Missionary Student

Makayla Keene

Makayla is the granddaughter of Pastor Bill & Teresa, the daughter of Michelle, their oldest daughter.  

Makayla grew up in church and has been a part of our fellowship since birth.  She went on her first mission trip with the church in March of 2016 to Somoto, Nicaragua.  While there on the Bible School campus Makayla felt the call of God to return there when she graduated high school as a student.  In June of 2016, the day after she graduated from high school, she got on a plane back to Nicaragua and started her first year at World Harvest Ministries Missionary Bible School.  After a short visit home to Virginia in December, she is currently back in Nicaragua for her second year at the Bible School.

Makayla doesn't know where she will be serving after she graduates in December of this year (2017), she just knows that she is called to reach others with the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever that may be.

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