Christ’s plan and that which produces maximum blessing to the world and the church is servanthood. A servant is one who, even when in positions of leadership seeks to lead and influence others through lives given in ministry for the blessing of others and their needs.


Bill Pagen

Lead Pastor

Appointed pastor of Callaway Church of God in September 2005, Pastor Bill Pagen is a Ordained Bishop with the Church of God.  He has a tremendous love for Jesus Christ. Pastor Bill is an anointed preacher who loves to lead others to the Lord.  Those in our community and surrounding area know him as 'The Preacher Man' because he is going to testify of Christ wherever he goes. He and his wife Teresa have been in pastoral ministry together for 21 years.


Teresa Pagen

Minister of Christian Education

Teresa Pagen is the wife of Pastor Bill, they have been married for 44 years.  Also the daughter of a pastor, Teresa grew up being involved in various areas of ministry in the church most of her life. She started singing at the age of five with her two sisters in the churches her dad pastored and is currently serving as our Interim Worship Leader.  Teresa has a passion for God's word and loves to teach and coordinate Bible studies. 

terrell & judy.jpg

Elder Terrell & Judy Shaddix

Pastoral Support

Terrell & Judy Shaddix have been faithful members of Callaway Church of God for many years.  They both assist the pastor with visitation and praying for the sick and lead areas of outreach in the church and in our community.  Terrell is our Adult Sunday School class teacher; serves on the praise team, and loves to assist Judy at the nursing home calling out 'bingo' numbers for the residents.   Judy coordinates our monthly soup kitchen ministry and our ministry to the elderly at Franklin Healthcare & Rehab and she teaches our Pre-Primary age children.

butch & betty.JPG

Elder Butch & Betty Shinn

Pastoral Support

Butch & Betty Shinn are faithful members who have been attending our fellowship for many years. They moved to the Callaway area from the state of New Jersey. Butch and Betty serve on our World Missions Board; Butch coordinates our prayer team ministry, and both are involved in areas of ministry that give support to our pastor.  


Elder Richard & Marietta Walters

Pastoral Support

Richard and Marietta Walters are life long missionaries to Africa who have their home in Callaway.  They have come along side of Pastor Bill and Teresa to help in the ministry of Callaway Church of God.  Richard is a minister of the Gospel and graces the pulpit at CCOG from time to time, always with a right now word for the body of Christ. Marietta teaches our 'First Principles' class for new converts. 

stephanie & billy.jpg

Billy & Stephanie May

Head Usher & World Missions Coordinator

Billy and Stephanie May have been faithful members of our fellowship for many years.  Billy serves as our Head Usher and leads the team that is responsible for making people feel welcome, assisting the Pastor , assisting with seating, collecting offering, and maintaining a safe environment during each service.  Stephanie is Pastor Bill & Teresa's youngest daughter.  She serves as our Short-Term World Missions Trip Coordinator and is our Lead Audio/Media Technician.